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POWERWEEDER PROFESSIONAL and the POWERWEEDER MINI when fitted to brushcutters and weedeaters, re designed to allow the operator to rapidly weed & mulch around valuable plants without damaging them. The unique mulching/cutting action creates an organic compost, more downward pressure results in a "bare earth" finish.

The secret is the smooth upturned edges on both weeders and the downward facing rotor/cutting blades. Both the weeders  are made from highest quality materials.
Powerweeder Professional was designed for brushcutter's (metal-heavy duty).

Powerweeder Mini was created for BENT/CURVED shaft machines,it allows the smaller types of machines to achieve similar results to the metal fitting.

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Powerweeder Mini BUY NOW
The Mini is available in a single pack or the economy twin pack.
It comes with 3 bonus adaptors. 

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Powerweeder Professional BUY NOW
The Professional is available in single package and comeswith bonus adaptor. Fitting is the same as standard blade. It's construction is of highest grade mowerblade steel.It is recommended for commercial or heavyduty domestic work.


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Both weeders are of compact size and come with adapters to fit the majority of machines on the market.NB: (In some instances extra adapters or fittings may be required).

A totally new concept in weed control

Weed Fast-Weed Safe-Weed Smart